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Welcome to our online community.
This growing space is here to guide you and provide you with free meditation resources and courses.

This website also aims to be a shared space where those wishing to teach free courses or lessons can do so. In time we can build a repository of various teachers who share this goal of giving. If you wish to teach a course (in person or online) get in touch and we will get your information here for all to see!

You can start contributing to the chatter today on the forum, don't be shy! And please get in touch with any questions.

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Group Courses and Retreats

From time to time group courses are run. These are structured meditation courses, suitable for varying levels, that you can participate in from anywhere. We are also looking for people interested in joining a physical meditation retreat.

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More personal...

If you are interested in a more personal, one on one approach, you should check out the coaching page here on the website.


Free teachings for all

...but donations are very welcome.

The philosophy of this website is to provide free of charge so that these services and resources are available to all when needed. My focus is to share what I have learned and help spread peace and happiness to all.  But in order to continue this way of life and focus more on helping others, the begging bowl must come out. And so I humbly and gratefully ask for any donations that you can spare, or perhaps you want to become a patron, just use the links below.

Thank you again.


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