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Meditation Coaching

One-on-one sessions focused around growing your natural sense of calm, mindfulness, and peace.

Create a more balanced, happy, and harmonious life. Unlock and learn to listen to the wisest teacher of all, yourself!

This coaching is based primarily on practical meditation techniques and daily practices that calm the mind and allow a natural balanced state. From this state, life will begin to flow and you will be able to make better decisions with an improved level of intuition.

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About Me (Adam)

Hi, I'm Adam, before we start lets get one thing straight, I am not an enlightened all-knowing guru (not yet anyway!)

So how can I help you? I have been on my own journey into the understanding of consciousness and the human experience for many years. Primarily I am an experienced meditator and also a 200-hour qualified yoga teacher. For my master's I studied the science of consciousness, among other things, with modules such as 'Neuroscience of Consciousness'. 

I have also been practising Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, for around 8 years and have had many profound and revealing experiences. These experiences have given me insight and understanding into the nature of reality and the human experience. In my search for the answer and deeper understanding I found that there is no answer. There is no past, no future, no idea and no conception that can reveal the truth. There is only the continuous motion of the now. 

From this understanding I have unlocked an inner peace and calm, a connection to something greater than ourselves, and this is what I want to share with you.

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Key Benefits

What can you gain?


Inner Peace

A sense and feeling of peace from within that shines like a light. A trust and faith in yourself and the nature of things, and a sense of harmony resulting in greater compassion and care for all things.



A calmness and greater balance to ones emotions. An ability to remain calm despite innevitable challenges that life presents. A general feeling of tranquility and stillness.



A greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings and physical actions, of the mind, body and the interaction between the two. A presence and grounding in the present moment.

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What to expect

The coaching will consist primarily of techniques that calm the thinking mind and increase powers of observation, focus, and acceptance. This then allows for an inner space that begins to unlock a presence and understanding as you begin to observe the natural truth of things as they really are, pertaining to your experience.

Around these core concepts and meditations, which include sittings and practices for your everyday life, we will also discuss your experiences and tailor-fit guidance and coaching to best serve you.

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Pay What You Can

This coaching is provided based on a philosophy of helping those who need it and sharing something that is truly important and worthwhile. 

We can arrange a suitable fee that fits your budget, lifestyle, and the amount of 1-on-1 time that you desire.

Thank you and be happy.

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Fill out this form if you want to arrange a free consultation.

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